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Increase projection reliability and flexibility with simple, strong and automated booth apps.

Improve the reactivity of your exhibition team with dedicated user interfaces and instant data access.

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Engage your audience

Help your customers get the information they need to buy.

Push targetted, real time information through their mobiles, the hall displays and the web. Our social apps enables you to attract and engage your audience

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Manage your operations

Dvidea is the first to offer independent theaters, multiplexes and theater circuits, the application they need to measure, analyze and optimize their business processes.

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About us

Dvidea provides cinema operators with a state of the art, fully integrated Theater Management System (TMS) for end-to-end management and control of the processes and equipment for digital cinema exhibition.

Dvidea offers best of breed cloud software and service solutions to benefit the complete theater exhibition team.

The transition to digital cinema challenges theater operators to look for solutions to maximize their investments in new technology. Dvidea is committed to helping exhibitors evaluate and understand new ways of operating in the digital domain to yield greater efficiencies and to better manage their business -- whether in a single theater, a multiplex or a circuit.

Dvidea Theater Management System equips today more than 1500 screens in 3 continents: independent cinemas as well as the world's largest digital cinema chain.